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Publisher's description

Hotstocked Precision is a tool designed to scan the market by technical analysis setups intersecting MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands and Slow Stotastics. You will find the trade signals that have been accurate at predicting stocks over 90 percents of the time.

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    Guest 2 years ago

    Hostocked are seasoned fraudsters!
    Their Hotstocked Precision software is a complete nonsense full of bugs - its developers have no idea what they have coded apart from filling it with all sorts of adware, spyware and tracking cloaking devices. Not to mention hotstocked uses misleading and false information to bait naive people into buying their rubbish products and then stealing their money. After all this can be more than naturally expected from an ex stock promoter such as Hotstocked.
    As to Hotstocked Precision, it is complete nonsense software, designed for nothing else but stealing your money. Don’t fall for the 90% accuracy statement, if it was true then everybody, hotstocked on the first place, would have been millionaires.
    The entity Brian Fisher is fictional and such person has never worked or published for hotstocked. The claim that Hotstocked Precision has been downloaded 270 thousand times is also a blatant lie. In fact, I can hardly find anything truthful in their pathetic and aggressive advertising efforts. Truth be told if they operated in the US they would have already been jailed for false and misleading advertising.
    Be wise and stay away from Hotstocked Scam!